light rail artist renderingJust a couple of weeks ago windows were boarded up at the building located on the corner of 10th and John to make way for the new Capitol Hill light rail station. Unfortunately, another unique structure in the city of Seattle is going to be demolished. However, the new light rail stop will mean yourself, guests and tourists (others) will be able to travel from the airport to a location within only 4.5 blocks of Belmont Lofts within minutes. Unlike the Denny’s in Ballard, this is a demolition that hasn’t received much public recognition other than the benefits it will bring to the community. This is especially rare for Seattle, considering almost every new proposed and/or approved new project is criticized for taking away from community character.

Consider this lack of press as one of Belmont Loft’s reasons to invest!


welcome matWelcome to the NEW Belmont Lofts blog dedicated to providing information for homeowners and potential buyers. Here you’ll be able to get updates on homes currently for sale, market updates, and things happening in the community. Please feel free to contact us if you have information that will be of interest.

In the meantime, below is a list of homes currently for sale:

Studio, One Bath Loft
393 Square Feet, Unit 109 $239,000

One-Bedroom, One Bath
626 Square Feet, Unit 106 $349,000

One-Bedroom, One Bath Loft
532 Square Feet, Unit 406 $365,000

One-Bedroom, One Bath Loft
584 Square Feet, Unit 411 $379,000

One-Bedroom, One Bath Loft
651 Square Feet, Unit 401 $379,000

Two-Bedroom, One Bath Loft
760 Square Feet, Unit 103 $379,000

One-Bedrooms, One Baths Loft
603 Square Feet, Unit 409 $389,900

Two-Bedroom, One Bath Loft
692 Square Feet, Unit 408 $399,000

Two-Bedroom, One Bath Loft
832 Square Feet, Unit 208 $399,000

Two-Bedroom, One Bath Loft
858 Square Feet, Unit 412 $469,000

Two-Bedroom + Den, One Bath Loft
919 Square Feet, Unit 410 $515,000

Two-Bedroom, One Bath Loft
863 Square Feet, Unit 404 $509,000

One-Bedroom, One Bath *Loft
742 Square Feet, Unit 403 $439,000

To preview one of these fabulous homes, contact Tyler Cummings at (206) 378-0849